Andalusia-IT meets FinTech start-up Insha

Do you want to get to know the story behind the Fintech Startup Insha? What is ethical & principle-based banking? Will Insha get its share in the online banking world? With Andalusia-IT we will look for the answers of these and more questions.


As a community we strive to make knowledge in IT available and accessible within our social environment. We do this by sharing experiences which provide opportunities for personal development.

Members support one another on their career paths and inspire each other on an individual as well as on a professional level. Members are encouraged to do scientific and/or branch related research.

We offer a space for input, ideas, and initiatives to be shared by members who feel at home regardless of origin, culture or religious belief.


We live in times of increasing sensitivity to sustainability, value orientation and digital solutions. At this intersection, we would like to introduce you to the principle-based banking app: insha.

insha is a FinTech start-up from Berlin. The interest-free and digital banking not only regulates banking transactions quickly, digitally and free of charge, it also accompanies you in your everyday life and shares your principles and values. The vision: sustainable, digital banking for everyone!

Principle-based corporate governance and product development, that’s what insha stands for. insha defined 13 principles for a better tomorrow, a healthy economy, and a sustainable society.

Now it’s time to expand! We are very happy to launch insha together with you in your country. But before we can gain a foothold in your region with well-thought-out steps, we need your valuable input.

Click on this link to register for free.

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